Here are a few testimonials for ErgoArts

I just wanted to thank you for helping make these small changes to my desk setup. I have not had any wrist pain in a week! When I wrote you, the pain was so bad I was having to stop work and couldnít carry my bags in my right hand. Though the ergo mouse has not yet arrived, the Microsoft keyboard and ergo mouse I am borrowing from a colleague is making all the difference!
- Melissa H, Administrative Assistant, Global Operations, Lam Research Corporation

Thank you Serafine! Just the changes you already made have made a difference. I didnít realize how much my leaning was because my monitors were too far away.
- Tiffany C, Lam Research Corporation

I have found Serafine to be easy to work with, flexible, very knowledgeable and competent with regards to office ergonomics. Her assessments always include the right balance of required equipment to meet concerns; proper set-up and use of the workspace; and coaching best practices needed to have a safe and ergonomic workspace. Serafine's assessments are always timely and she is always within our agreed upon budget.
- Tony B., EHS manager, LAM Research

Serafine's report and assessments brought great insight to some outstanding issues. Her report was very thorough and helpful!
- Debra B, Office Manager. Lane Powell PC

I had the pleasure of using the professional ergonomic services of Serafine Lilien during my tenure as the Safety Assurance Manager at TriMet. Ms Lilien conducted ergonomic evaluations of the operator environment in the light rail vehicles and bus fleets. She also conducted individual evaluations of light rail and bus operators as well as office ergonomic evaluations of TriMet staff.

Ms. Lilien's reports were timely and professionally done. Evaluations were thorough and provided very practical and useful information. I heartily recommend Serafine Lilien as a professional ergonomic consultant and contributor of practical solutions.
- Robert P, CSP, formally, TriMet

Ergo Arts has provided professional and effective ergonomic assessments in support of the Portland Public Schools Ergonomic Program through timely scheduling of assessments, clear presentation of ergonomic principles and careful listening to employees, and with thorough reports including photos and recommendations alligned with noted observations.
- Joe C, Director of Risk Management, Portland Public Schools

The ergonomic program at PCC is flowing with great success. The requests come in and Serafine responds and meets with our employees in a timely manner. We get positive feedback that Serafine is very helpful during the time she spends with the employee for the assessment. Risk Management is very pleased with the reports that we have received.
- Chris E, Manager Safety and Risk Department, Portland Community College

Just wanted to thank you for your ergo efforts on my behalf. My whole body feels better now that my desk is higher and my chair is the right height. And no more constant neck knots and pops now that my monitor no longer requires me to look down all day! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it and how much better life is down on the cube farm.
- Richard T, ISO Document Writer, Lam Research Corporation

Thank you so much for your time in the assessment. As always you were professional, helpful and compassionate which makes the evaluation rewarding. I have learned a great deal from you and your instructions. With a heart filled gratitude, many thank you's!
- Raquel T, Instructional Administrative Assistant, PCC

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